Modifying The Building To Fit The Process

Adamson Pharma focuses on protecting the integrity of live GMP services and production areas to plan efficient construction philosophies that enable safe and compliant installations.

Modifying The Building To Fit The Process

Adamson Pharma have a deep understanding of the complexities of disinvesting existing and constructing new within live Pharmaceutical facilities. Focusing on protecting the integrity of live GMP services and production areas and planning efficient construction philosophies to enable safe and compliant installations. We have empirical knowledge and evidence in structurally improving existing buildings to enable larger processes to be installed and implemented in buildings that were originally built for different systems. A solution based ethos is the main stay of how we are able to realise our clients goals within their space. Our structural partners excel in efficient solutions for building strengthening and extending existing structures. We provide a comprehensive management team to plan, oversee, and manage the Health and Safety and build of your project.  We have brought together a highly experienced team to manage all aspects of your project build and over time believe we have discerned an excellent team who provide continuity to our build philosophy and ethos.

About Adamson Construction

Our sister company, Adamson Construction, was formed in 1989. The company has been located in Slough for the duration of its history and has established many long-standing relationships, both on Slough trading estate and nationally, resulting in an ever-growing client base.

The project management skills that have been developed have enabled the company to combine its resources and capabilities with other specialist sub-contractors, which allow the smooth running of projects. Adamson Construction has grown year by year and now employs a multi-skilled workforce, with the ability to project manage large projects, yet are small enough to offer tailor-made services which genuinely satisfy every clients’ differing requirements.

Adamson Construction has been working in the Pharmaceutical sector for 20 years and as we have grown this sector within the business we have established a dedicated Pharmaceutical construction company, Adamson Pharma.

Areas Of Expertise

Clean Room Construction

Managing and working in class A & B cleanroom sterile environments is second nature to us and our clients enjoy a no-compromise approach to this. We adapt to the specific requirements of our clients’ facilities using all the skills and knowledge of our experienced teams.

• Modular partition walls
• Flooring
• Windows and Doors
• Lighting, Electrical and Controls
• Pipework
• Fire Protection
• HVAC, AHU Installation
• SKID & Filling Line Installation
• VHP Passbox & Autoclave Installation
• Civil & Structural Engineering
• Validation

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