Your Agent for High Purity Water Supply

Adamson Pharma are the sole agent for Elettracqua in the UK and Ireland.
We have the solutions to suit your high purity water & steam system requirements.

Why Elettracqua?

  1. Complete Turnkey Solution: Unlike most other vendors, Elettracqua are able to supply and install complete generation, storage and distribution packages from source to Point of Use.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Our collaboration with Adamson Pharma ensures that commissioning & qualification aspects are supported in house by specialist process & CQV engineers conversant with regulatory expectations & industry standard guidelines (cGMP, USP PW & WFI, EU Pharmacopoeia PW, WFI, PS, GAMP, ISPE Baseline Guides).
  3. Experience: Established in 1966 – over 3,000 qualified installations to date.
  4. Competitive Pricing: Sourcing EPCMV elements via a single supplier reduces cost, the number of commercial contracts required and facilitates most expedient facility start up time.
  5. Service / Maintenance: Upon completion of install & qualification we provide full service & maintenance support for all installed systems.
  6. Extended Warranties: Available on request and subject to contract.
  7. Breakdown / Spares: We carry a complete range of spares in the event of breakdown.

For all your High Purity Water & Steam Generation, Storage or Piped Distribution System needs,
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Elettracqua Solutions

Elettracqua was established in 1966 and is a leading supplier of pure and ultrapure water & steam systems. These have been designed to serve a range of applications including;

  • Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology processes
  • Microelectronic/Semiconductor fabrication
  • Electric/Power production
  • Food & Cosmetic production

While representing as the sole Agent for the UK & Ireland, our specialist team of process, mechanical and qualification engineers are conversant with the high purity water & steam systems manufactured by Elettracqua and we have supported the installation of numerous systems on our client sites to date. Moreover, their technical skills and knowledge of regulatory compliance dictate they are actively retained by Elettracqua to actively support a range of project implementation works throughout the UK & Ireland.

Preliminary & After Sales Support

In this capacity our range of services more typically include; Preliminary & After Sales Support Equipment / Material Storage Dedicated provision from our Engineers at the job site as required to perform;

  • Site / operating inspections
  • Condition assessments
  • Process Improvements / Modifications
  • Quantity Surveying (Material Take Off / Isometric drafting)
  • Construction Mechanical Completion
  • EI&C support
  • System Commissioning (FAT / SAT development & execution)
  • System Qualification (IOQ protocol development & execution)
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