Project Management

Project Management & Full range of Pharma Services

We offer a comprehensive project management service that encompasses construction management, design and build, life cycle qualification to PV and a variety of support functions that can be tailored to meet your particular needs; this can include annual requalification, deviation management, FAT attendance and audit readiness. 

As set forth in more detail below, we offer a full range of Pharmaceutical services including; procurement with pre-agreed markups and the delivery of engineering solutions with our selected partners that are incumbent with user and/or project requirements. This includes structural and civil engineering design and installation, pure water generation design and installation, hygienic piping, cleanroom design and architectural finishes, HVAC installation, testing and balancing.

Our Service

Our business is able to offer a comprehensive service tailored to meet the requirements of your project schedule & complexity, with our most recent projects varying in cost from £2mil – £150mil. Said Projects have encompassed ; 

  • Facility Decommissioning and Disinvestment
  • Procurement of Materials and Packaged Equipment
  • Structural Engineering Evaluations and Designs
  • Hygienic Piping Systems Design and Installation (PW, WFI Clean steam, CCA, N2 etc)
  • Full Life Cycle Qualification
  • Standalone Pro Service Labour Supply
  • Equipment Disassembly, Storage and Reinstallation

Partners & Model

We are partnered with experts in multiple fields and our experience with a portfolio of retrofit projects in live production environments is comprehensive. 

We are currently executing projects throughout the UK and have affiliated with vendors who are industry leaders in their chosen field. 

Our model is based on working with an agreed schedule of rates rather than mark up on all aspects. This has proven beneficial for our existing client base as we are able to forecast expected costs via a rolling schedule of rates designed to meet project demands as required;  this facilitates timely project execution while keeping costs transparent in real-time.

We prefer to develop and nurture a collaborative approach with each of our clients to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship delivering projects both on time and within budget.

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